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Air Trek, one of the nation’s best private jet charter services, responds with quality professional service.

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Family owned and operated, our private jet charter services has been providing jet charter flights since 1978. We are dedicated to providing quality private jet charters.

Jet Charters are perfect for business travel or team building events. Charter a private jet flight the next time your business requires travel and work or relax in the convience of an office in ther air.

Escape the hassle of commercial airport delays by using a private jet flight for your next vacation getaway. Concierge services, five star resort flights and luxury travel packages can be arranged for you when traveling on a special occasion.

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Flying first class 24-hours a day, 7-days a week has never been easier with a private jet charter service. Our award-winning personnel will accommodate your party with ease. You and your associates will have complete privacy during your air charter on one of our private jets. Charter a private jet with our fleet and expect door to door accomodations. With luxury travel accomodations and our FAA Air Carrier Certificate, the entire Western Hemisphere is available on your private jet charter.

Let us exceed your expectations in Private Jet Charters!

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Choose Air Trek for a private jet flight throughout USA, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and North, Central and South America. Our jet charter prices can include a worldwide charter jet service through partner carriers throughout the world.

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